Search, Learn, Share: An Introduction to Google Tools in Education (An Update)

Google tools such as search, Docs, Sites, and Maps are standards for educators. Learn how the latest from Google, including Knol, Lively, Chrome, and more, can create even greater impact!

Note: Lively was canceled by Google between the time this description was written and time the session was delivered. Knol and Chrome were simply not educationally interesting enough to warrant a higher place in the agenda. ;)

Welcome Activity

Advanced Search
  • By File Type - Search for just PowerPoint (PPT) files... or many other formats.
  • By Usage Rights - Search for material you have permission to use, modify, and repost.

Specialized Search

Custom Search - Determine exactly which sites will be searched... great for scaffolding student searches, or focusing your own.

Bonus: Google Translate
  • Translate text (or any webpage) with Google Translate.
  • Tip: Translate your web page or blog, and then add a link to the (dynamic) translation to the original page, saying something like "Read this site in Spanish." :)
  • Tip: This trick even works with surveys like - paste the url of the survey into Google Translate, then cut and paste the url of the dynamic translation and add that to your website - or an email to parents. :)

Docs - Your online office suite for creating, editing, and sharing documents - and collaborating (synchronously or asynchronously).
  • Forms
    • Quick Demo
    • The results of our demo. (A published spreadsheet)
    • A Self Grading Quiz: Use an IF formula for each item you want to grade (and a SUM formula if you want a total grade). For example, our demo labeled participants as "experienced" if they indicated greater than 5 years in education, and "newbie" for any other value. The formula looked like this: =IF(D2>5,"Experienced", "Newbie")
    • More
  • Google Docs Mass Uploader

  • Docs - Edit your docs offline... even on the plane!
  • Gmail - Access your gmail offline!
  • Calendar - Access your calendar offline!
  • And More... like Remember The Milk (not Google, but a cool and critical piece of my workflow)

Maps & Earth

Knol - Units of knowledge... learn by searching existing knols - or share your expertise in knols of your own.

Picasa (Now for Mac Too)

Cell Phones

Note: Chrome for Windows

Even More...

Reflection and Evaluation

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