Cool Tools Duel

  1. As an individual, brainstorm innovative applications, web services, web sites, or other teaching tools. Choose one that you think is the "coolest" to share.
  2. Share your cool tool with your team.
  3. Once everyone on the team has shared a cool tool, pick one to represent your team in a duel.
  4. The representative of each team will have up to 5 minutes to share their tool. Then their opponent will have 5 minutes to share.
  5. The audience will choose a winner based on applause.
  6. Once all four teams have dueled, a special duel will ensue...
  7. This is meant to be a fast paced sharing session, so have fun with it!
  8. Oh, and everyone needs to post a link to their cool tool below, either under their duel or under their team... so we can come back to all this coolness later on. :)

Duel One

Blue vs. Red vs. Voicethread

Duel Two

Yellow vs. Green

Flip Video vs. Ink Art and Photostory (for a Windows Tablet PC)

Duel Three


Additional Tools

Blue Team:

Red Team:

Yellow Team:

Green Team: