Gmail in Education

The Tool:

Answer the following questions. Assign one person to be the scribe and record ideas in this wiki page:
  1. What is the tool? How does it work? What's special about it?
    It is a free email account.
    It it web based or POP or IMAP.
    Tag based email, it allows for threaded discussions, chat is integrated, great mobile client, ever expanding storage, Google's powerful search tool is embedded. Great spam filtering. Automatically archives all GChats.
    Check out this about Smarter Child

  1. How might this tool be useful to students & teachers?
    If you create a Google mail account it allows access to all the other Google Apps. Since they are free, they could be used as "utility" addresses so that an entire class could be sharing one account to correspond with outside sources.

  1. What else do we want to know about this tool?
    How to get teachers using it? How to get school districts to stop blocking it.
    I've heard there is a way to create "sub" accounts off of a main account. Where is the setting for this?