iGoogle in Education

The Tool: http://www.google.com/ig

Answer the following questions. Assign one person to be the scribe and record ideas in this wiki page:
  1. What is the tool? How does it work? What's special about it?
    1. Dashboard of your personalized resources
    2. Mash-up?
    3. you customize it with by adding things like gmail, rss feeds, skins, create tabs of other specific interests.
    4. It includes useful widgets, like calculators and conversion utilities.
  2. How might this tool be useful to students & teachers?
    1. Creating tabs of interest... history, science, business, tech
    2. new material pumped in with the rss feeds
  3. What else do we want to know about this tool?
    1. Other ways to use in a classroom without needing a GMail account?
    2. control issues?