Search, Learn, Share: An Introduction to Google Tools in Education

Being able to find and use information online is a critical new literacy. Google provides much more than just a web search engine; they offer a wide variety of free web-based and desktop applications. This session introduces participants to many of these services that may be useful to teachers and students. It begins with a walk-through of several specialized search tools (such as Google Scholar, Google Books, and Google News) and ends with an overview of web-based applications (such as Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Sites) that can revolutionize the way you, your colleagues, and your students collaborate.

Mark Wagner, Ph.D.

Welcome and Introductions

Opening Questions

Google in Education

Google for Educators
Google Teacher Academy Resources (Don't miss the one-page crib sheets in the Materials section!)
The Infinite Thinking Machine
Educational Technology and Life (Google in Education Category)

More... Even More

Google More...
Google Labs
Google Help Center

Search Tools: 21st Century Literacy

Web Search Support (Don't forget to learn the Google Operators like Define: and others.)
News Search Support
Book Search Support
Scholar Search Support
Blog Search Support
Custom Search Engine Support
Image Search Support
Video Search Support
Map Search Support (Check out Street View in Yosemite Valley!)
Google SMS (Just text a search to 466453)
Google 411

Don't forget Google Translations!
Example: View my blog in Spanish!

Web-based Applications

Docs and Spreadsheets Support (An online office suite, ideal for collaboration!)
Calendar Support (An online calendar, ideal for collaboration!)
Google Page Creator Support (A simple web page creation tool)
Google Sites Support (A more sophisticated web page creation tool - very wiki like - ideal for collaboration!)
Blogger Support (A simple but powerful blogging tool)
Reader Support (A great way to subscribe to and read lots of blogs or other sites... also allows sharing with friends!)
iGoogle (Google Homepage) Support (A personalized home page... pull all of these tools together in one place!)
Google Notebook Support (Save, annotate, and share your bookmarks or favorites... including web "clips")
More... (Explore and enjoy!)

Desktop Applications

Earth Support (A 3D virtual planet Earth, which teachers and students can add to!)
Sketch Up Support (A 3D modeling program... great for adding content to Google Earth)
Desktop Support (Search your computer the way you search the web. Windows Only)
Picasa Support (Organize, Edit, and Share photos and images. Windows Only)
More... (Explore and enjoy!)

Additional Links

Google Apps Hacks - A great new book for users of all levels - covers many of these tools. Highly recommended.
Google Hacks - An older but good reference book. The first half or so includes some great tips... the rest gets a bit technical.
Googlepedia - Another good reference book to use when teaching particular applications.
Google Earth Lessons - A bunch of lesson plans.
Google Lit Trips - By Jerome Berg


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Reflection and Evaluation

Reflection Questions


Mark Wagner, Ph.D.
Educational Technology and Life