Even More Google: A Jigsaw Activity

For the first part of the activity, one person from each HOME team joins one of the following EXPERT groups:
  1. Notebook
  2. iGoogle
  3. Reader
  4. Gmail & Google Talk
  5. Picasa
  6. Books & Scholar
  7. YouTube
  8. Blogger
  9. Page Creator
  10. Groups (Google Groups in the Classroom) [PDF]

When in the EXPERT group, answer the following questions. Assign one person to be the scribe and record ideas in the wiki pages above:
  1. What is the tool? How does it work? What's special about it?
  2. How might this tool be useful to students & teachers?
  3. What else do we want to know about this tool?

In the second part of the activity, everyone returns to their HOME team to share what they learned in the EXPERT groups. Feel free to add additional ideas to the wiki pages above, but remember that others may be editing the page at the same time.