Google Search & News in Education

Search in the Classroom [PDF - Crib Sheet]
Google News in the Classroom [PDF - Crib Sheet]
Google Search & Personalized News [PDF handout from Chris Walsh]

Get Even More Out of Google
Web Search Features

5 Things You Need to Do Right Now
1) Google Advanced Search - (Advanced Search)
Quickly narrow your results by the order of words, file type, domain, etc.
2) Google “Special” Web Searches -
Ex. “Population of China”, “weather 92262”, “3(12*7)/6”, “movie: san diego”, “define: love”, “beatles”, “Bill Clinton age”
3) Google Simple Messaging System (SMS) -
Ex. Send a text message to “466453“ with a simple text search like “starbucks 94598”, “oakland ca to san jose ca”
4) Google News –
Customize your own newspaper from sources all over the world. Create RSS news feeds based on keywords.
5) Google Alerts -
Have Google find the news and information you want and deliver it to you via email.

5 Things to Play with Soon
1) Google Search Preferences - (Preferences)
Set the language, number of results, and safe search levels for your individual computer.
2) iGoogle -
Add content and rearrange it anywhere on your personal start page. Add Google Gadgets in a click.
3) Google Desktop & Gadgets -
Index the files and your personal web history on your computer. Add Gadgets to your desktop.
4) Google Language Tools - (Language Tools)
Search pages in a specific language. Instantly translate pages on the Web.
5) Google Custom Search Engines –
Create your own safe, personalized search engine.